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Grid-Tied Inverters

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Making PV Modules Smarter

The SolarEdge Solution

As a PV inverter and power optimization leader, SolarEdge has shipped more than 5.9 gigawatts of its DC optimized inverter solutions to over 120 countries.  SolarEdge's cutting edge technology gives you smart system control that manages your PV array for maximum performance. 

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June 2016 – SolarEdge Wins the Intersolar Award in Photovoltaic

The Intersolar AWARD recognizes  innovative technical products and solutions. SolarEdge won the award for its HD-Wave technology inverter. Representing one of the most significant leaps in solar technology in the past 20 years, SolarEdge’s HD-Wave inverter technology is a novel power conversion topology that significantly decreases inverter size and weight while also achieving record efficiency

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Solar energy systems include PV panels and inverters. Traditional string inverters have a number of significant drawbacks. SolarEdge DC optimized inverters overcome these traditional concerns to offer more energy, better maintenance, and enhanced safety for commercial and residential solar power.

Traditional Inverter

  • MPPT per entire string - all modules receive the same current, regardless of their individual MPP

  • Weak modules reduce the performance of all modules in the string or are bypassed

  • Power losses due to module mismatch

SolarEdge Solution

  • MPPT per module - current & voltage adjusted per module

  • Maximum power from each module individually

  • More energy from the sun

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