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Off-Grid Solar

Sometimes You Need An Off-Grid Solar System















Are you looking for energy independence? Do you need electricity in a remote area that doesn’t easily provide connection to your local utility company?


If utility power is unavailable or too expensive, an off-grid solar energy system package from Upstate Solar Solutions can provide you with the electrical freedom you need!

Upstate Solar Solutions offers off-grid solar solutions tailored to customers expected energy needs, a simple solution exists for every location where utility power is not available.

System sizes vary based on power consumption needs and the duration of these electrical needs.

Some of the benefits of owning an off-grid solar energy system:

  • Can be used in any location as long as there is sun

  • Stores any excess energy created in the battery

  • Not at the mercy of utility grid during power outages

  • Provides true energy independence

There are new technology advances that will provide more affordable off-grid solutions as the demand increases and utility challenges continue to present themselves.

Off-Grid solar cabin
Upstate Solar Solutions is proud to offer the latest technology in off-grid solar energy management.  Brought to you by Schneider Electric.
Off-Grid electrical diagram
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