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On-Grid Battery Backup

Traditional grid-tied solar systems only operate when utility power is available!


Without energy storage, a grid-tied PV solar system shuts down during a power outage!


Don’t be left in the dark when you need power the most, the addition of batteries and a backup inverter can provide seamless, uninterrupted power for your household during an outage while still offsetting your power bill!!!

Home wth backup power

How it Works!!!

Upstate Solar Solutions utilizes state of the art Schneider Electric inverter/chargers that integrate into your residential electrical system.  These specialized components seamlessly convert DC electricity from battery reserves to power critical loads such as pumps, security systems, lighting, communication systems, refrigerators/freezers and other household electronics, whenever utility grid power is unavailable.  

When the utility is available the power produced by your solar system is used by the home and excess energy is sent into the utility grid. In the event of a power outage the backup inverter will automatically disconnect your home from the utility grid and turn on the solar system and batteries to power the critical appliances. 


This is able to happen because the battery inverter/charger will "trick" the solar panel inverter into thinking the grid came back on-line, thus allowing your PV system to keep producing electricity from the sun.  This electricity will be used by the critical loads receiving backup power and will charge the battery bank for nighttime use.  This combination of energy storage and energy production can provide almost an endless supply of backup power from a properly designed system.

Backup power diagram

Benefits of a Solar Hybrid System

  • Quiet operation: Unlike a backup generator, this type of solar energy storage is noiseless. Solar batteries won’t disturb your neighbors or violate your HOA agreement.

  • Instant backup: The battery power switches on automatically when the grid goes down, and starts smoothly without the 10 – 15 second delay that is common when a generator starts. This makes it ideal for people who need an uninterrupted power source, such as those with medical needs or who require continuous Internet connection. You can also rely on it to kick on even if you are out of town during an outage.

  • Peace of mind: Remember Hurricane Sandy? Or the great ice storm of December 2013? Those storms deprived millions of households and businesses of electricity. Many did not get power back for days. Adding a solar energy battery to your system ensures that you’ll never be left in the dark.

Call today for your free backup solar power consultation!!!
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