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Our Process

The Custom Solar and Energy Storage Experience

When you go solar the Upstate Solar Way, not only do you get a top of the line solar and home battery solution for your home, you get the unique customer experience that only Upstate Solar Solutions and it's custom design approach can provide. Here is our step by step process, the typical time frame from consultation to interconnection is 6-8 weeks.


1. Consultation

First, you’ll meet with an expert Solar and Energy Storage Consultant for a free evaluation and custom proposal. In order to customize your installation, we’ll ask you a lot of questions about how much electricity you use, how much of your bill you want to offset and whether you’re planning on adding any electrical loads in the future so that your system does what you want it to for the next 25+ years. Our consultant will answer your questions about making the switch to solar or energy storage and will review the estimated costs of your system, available incentives and our financing options.


2. Pre-engineering site survey

Once we understand your needs, we’ll perform a thorough location survey. This step must be completed before installation of your solar panels or home battery begins as it confirms what the energy consultant designed. 


3. Permitting

After the site survey confirms that the system design will work, permit applications are created and submitted to the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). During this phase, we also complete the long utility interconnection application on which utilities like National Grid ask for a lot of detailed information. We’ll answer all of the required, highly technical questions and save you the headache.


4. Solar and Energy Storage system installation

Once the permitting process is complete, our experienced team of certified electricians will schedule and perform a professional and clean installation of your customized home solar power or battery system. Once again, we’ll take care of all of the details for you. Our fully equipped trailers carry all of the materials needed for your installation.  Our crew installs industry-leading, roof mounts to ensure your solar installation remains leak-free, as well as handles the installation of all other equipment, such as racking, panels and inverters. At this stage, all wiring will be completed and the monitoring device that tracks your solar system’s performance will be set up inside your home.  The process of a roof mounted solar installation typically takes between one and three days to complete, ground mounted systems take approximately 3-5 days.  


5. Jurisdictional and utility inspections

Permission must be obtained before you can operate your newly installed solar panel or battery system. Also prior to operating your system, an inspection will be required. Once the inspection has been completed, we will send documentation of your passed inspection to the utility company.


6. Solar and home battery approval from your utility company

We’re there! Once your solar panel or energy storage installation has been inspected and your utility company receives proof of passed inspection you will be issued permission to operate from your utility.  They usual turnaround time for this is 5-7 business days.  You can then begin to use your energy system to generate power for your home for years to come.


7. Job closeout

Your complete satisfaction is of the highest importance to us. An Upstate Solar Solutions representative will schedule an in-home visit with you to check your system’s performance and answer any questions you may have. 


8. Solar energy and Energy Storage monitoring — and saving

After your solar panels or home battery are installed on your home, you’ll want to have the ability to monitor their production. Each of Upstate Solar Solutions installations includes a monitoring system that allows you to view how much energy your panels produce moment by moment. Ongoing maintenance of your energy system will be simple. Since solar panels for the home are extremely durable, they usually only need to be hosed off with water every once in a while to keep them clean and free of debris.

That’s it. Remember, we’ll be with you every step of your way toward a solar energy lifestyle that reduces hassles and saves you thousands of dollars over the life of the system.  Go solar and get turned on by electricity, your electricity!

Call today for your free solar power consultation!!!
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